Anti-Spy Screens Are Here!

No More Prying Eyes Peeping At Your Screen


What Our Customers Say ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I’ve been using privacy screens on my phones ever since they came out and I can honestly say that this is the most impressive one I’ve ever had. On all my other ones you would have to turn the brightness down then it would work well but this one works even when the brightness is normal. It’s extremely smooth to touch and doesn’t leave finger prints. I 100% recommend this privacy screen and I will be ordering more when I need too. Altogether this screen is amazing and I definitely recommend it.

James. M

This privacy screen works very well with my new iPhone XR! The screen goes almost totally black when viewing from either side, this is very effectively protect my privacy. I've even had a friend tell me they thought I was staring at my phone while it was off. This screen protector is NOT a replacement for a good phone case. It prevents any scratches, and will prevent a fall from cracking your screen. Overall, this is a great affordable option if you want something that will protect against scratches and give you some privacy.

Emily. H

This privacy screen still continues to be the best one I’ve ever used. People ask me all the time how could I possibly see my phone with the screen so dark and I just turn my phone and tho go wowwww. So needless to say this screen is amazing and works perfectly.

James. M